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‘The form of every part must be determined by its relation and purpose to the whole’ Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860), German philosopher
Locus Capital offers an art advisory service (LCAA) to institutional and private clients, both familiar and new to the art market, taking into account their investment requirements and aesthetic needs.

LCAA avoids overpaying for art in favour of universally appealing or novel art which anticipates future trends. Combining these can be very rewarding emotionally and intellectually, as well as financially.

LCAA caters for buyers making a one off purchase, to build a collection, or to create an eclectic mix of art for decorative purposes.
  • LCAA will recommend art which has instant appeal and inspires the viewer to look and investigate further
  • LCAA ignores current fashion and fads in art overpaid for by the uninitiated at the mercy of art market hype
  • LCAA offers a similar service for sellers taking into account their tax requirements

Although valuing art appears to be a mysterious blend of the subjective, LCAA will use a range of criteria including art history and past prices to guide the buying process. The popular art historians Janson & Janson in their multi edition book the rate art according to imagination, creativity, originality and tradition, meaning and style, self expression and audience and taste. Based on client preferences, LCAA's research will offer the widest choice of artworks for buyers to choose from.

Locus Capital Consulting has established links with bona fide art dealers, auction houses, collectors, artists and art schools.

The art advisory service aims to maximise owner returns by combining a long term view of art whilst minimising transaction costs and those associated with jurisdiction and transport. Buying also takes account of legal factors affecting what is mostly an unregulated market. Together, these measures simplify the trade process and avoid extra costs.

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